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For more than 26 years, Composit has specialized in research, development and implementation of wear-resistant rubber products - manufacturing of wear-resistant rubber hoses and components for mining and processing complex and dredging companies.

In the sphere of the mining and processing complex, Composit supplies to all of the largest enterprises in Russia and the CIS countries, and also rapidly enters international markets, delivering to Poland, India, the USA, Chile, Peru, etc.

In the sphere of hoses for dredging, Composit is a leader in Russia and the CIS countries. Composit is the only manufacturer in Russia and near-abroad countries, which manufactures high-tech and export-oriented products for delivery to foreign countries such as Egypt, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, etc.

Composit has its own laboratory and manufacturing base for the rubber compounds’ release, input quality control of raw materials and patented scientific developments. The optimal contents of the rubber compound, which is the basis of the entire production, has been developed jointly with European institutions for several years.

All this guarantees high quality and reliability of pipelines!


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Oleg Melnikov

Executive Vice President – Head of Contract Support Department

Igor Smirnov

Deputy Head of Contract Support Department

Vladimir Valyagin

Head of Division for O&G Contract Support - Contract Support Department

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