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MegaFon is a Russian national digital operator that occupies a leading position in the telecommunications market in Russia and the world.

For more than 20 years of work in the Russian market, MegaFon has gone a huge way from a small regional telecom operator to one of the Russian largest ones becoming the absolute leader in the modern field of mobile data transmission. During this time, the mobile communications industry has undergone dramatic changes, both in terms of technology development and customer needs. Today, the company is a leader in the field of mobile data transmission. A sustainable business model and a clear strategy that ensured high competitiveness and stable value creation for shareholders helped to achieve such high results. At every stage of its history, MegaFon has followed the path of smart growth and the introduction of innovative technologies – whether in technological solutions, marketing, organizing internal processes or working with users. By developing the latest technologies, we create a digital world and open new opportunities for our customers that improve their quality of life and make their business more efficient. We believe that this approach will help MegaFon become the No 1 choice and the best life partner for our customers. We combine all IT and telecommunications areas: mobile and fixed-line service, mobile and broadband Internet access, digital television and OTT video content, innovative digital products and services in the ICT field, the Internet of Things, analytics and big data processing, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, financial services, digital advertising and marketing, e-commerce, as well as converged IT solutions in the field of system integration.


41 Oruzheynyy per.,127006, Moscow, Russia

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Aleksey Ivantsov

Head of Key Account Sales

Levan Revazishvili

Federal Supervisor

Aleksey Raetsky

Federal Supervisor

Aleksandr Neyman

Federal Supervisor

Alla Mazo

Federal Supervisor

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