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Onsite visit to the production site of Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Plant (Metalloinvest)

About the facility

Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Plant (Mikhailovsky GOK) belongs to Metalloinvest company, one of the leaders of Russian mining and smelting industry. The facility owns the largest explored reserves of iron ore in Russia.

Metalloinvest is a flagship global producer of HBI, leading manufacturer and supplier of iron ore and metallized iron products, a regional producer of high-quality steel. Metalloinvest integrates Russian mining and processing plants and steel mills: Lebedinsky GOK, Mikhailovsky GOK, OEMK, Ural Steel, Ural Scrap Company, and other assets providing maintenance and feedstocks to mining and metallurgic facilities.

The main products manufactured at Mikhailovsky GOK are row, dry and blast-furnace magnetite concentrate, dry and raw sintered ore, blast-furnace ore, non-fluxed and fluxed pellets.

To date, the share of Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Plant in overall Russian output exceeds 17%.

What has been done

In 2015, the induration unit N3 was commissioned, it enabled the plant to become the largest pellet facility in Russia (+ 5 million tonnes per annum).

In 2018, the intake complex was commissioned. The complex was constructed for the concentrate from Lebedinsky GOK (Metalloinvest). Thus, the output of Mikhailovsky GOK was expanded owing to high-quality pellets with iron content equaling 65-67%.

In 2019, the first phase of the fine screening technology was commissioned. The technology applies Derrick equipment. It allowed to improve the quality of iron ore concentrate significantly.

The united integrated system of financial and logistics management on SAP platform was adopted at Mikhailovsky GOK within the Industry 4.0 programme of global transformation and business processes’ efficiency enhancement. A multi-service centre operates on the premises of Metalloinvest.

Investment programmes implemented at Mikhailovsky GOK ensure gradual annual renovation and improvement of equipment, mechanisms and mining machinery.


  • Construction of a crushing and conveyor complex. This ore transport system implies crushing of quartz rocks at pit’s bottom levels and further pulling out by a conveyor. A new complex will enable to keep high output of iron ore concentrate, increase efficiency of processing and reduce operational costs. Company’s investment in the project is valued at 11,5 billion roubles. The complex will provide about 280 new workplaces. In 2020, the first phase will be completed. It includes construction of a steep incline conveyor in the southern part of the pit, with the capacity of 15 million tonnes of ore per annum. A sloping conveyor for 35 miilion tonnes of ore per annum will be constructed within the second phase.
  • The second phase of fine screening technology adoption. The project is aimed at modernisation of the whole screening unit at Mikhailovsky GOK by the construction of a separate block for repreparation and bringing iron content to 70%. The completion is expected in 2022. The project will allow to produce premium quality pellets. New technology will save energy and water resources. Overall project budget comprises 13,5 billion roubles. Over 100 workplaces will be provided. Efficiency enhancement of screening complex at Mikhilovsky GOK is a part of a large-scale complex development strategy of Metalloinvest, oriented to production of high-quality iron ore products, strengthening position in the market of high added value products, in-time reaction to market changes.

Предприятие также провело ряд мероприятий по энергоэффективности, которые позволили сократить потребление энергоресурсов, снизить их стоимость, а также уменьшить энергоемкость переработки сырья, сред них: внедрение энергетической системы менеджмента; внедрение автоматизированной систему диспетчерского управления электроснабжением; подача пара и теплофикационной воды с ТЭС; подача сухого отбензиненого газа с ГПУ в топливную сеть предприятия.

В начале 2018 года была завершена модернизация реакторного блока «С» на производстве полиэтилена, что позволило расширить марочный ассортимент продукции с улучшенными потребительскими свойствами.

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