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LLC “Flotent Chemicals Rus”

The international company Flotent Chemicals is one of the leading manufacturers of various chemical products for the mining industry. We produce xanthogenates, flotation reagents (dithiophosphates, thionocarbamates, dithiocarbamates), flotation mineral collectors and foaming agents, activators and depressors for flotation, leaching reagents (cyanide replacement), ion exchange resins, coagulants (inorganic and organic), polyamines, and much more, as well as two lines of flocculants of the Polypam and Flotfloc brands. Supplies activated carbons ((in the form of granules 6×12 and 8×16) based on coconut shells) and brand FC Carb 70 (in the form of powder) for flotation).

LLC “Flotent Chemicals Rus” in Russia produces: dithiophosphates (Aeroflot), foaming agents, depressors for flotation (talc, carbon and waste rock depressors) – almost all materials are produced from Russian raw materials.